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Ascended Mastery of Consciousness

Embrace a fearless life by reestablishing your connection to the truth of your innermost being through the power of presence.

My role is to illuminate the light already within you, guiding your exploration of your rich inner world while honoring your human experience. Together, we can reveal the power of your spirituality to lead you to the full path you were born to walk.


As a Master Spiritual Teacher, I seek to empower other Spiritual Teachers to connect with their deepest inner wisdom, rather than impose external dogmas. I believe we each possess an inner guru with a unique spiritual path.


By harnessing Psychic Mediumship, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Teachings, you can tap into your innate divine wisdom and reach your greatest potential. I firmly believe we all have the capacity for enlightenment and enriching our human experience. However, we may lack the tools. By tapping into clients' energy systems and uncovering insights into their circumstances, I offer guidance to create meaningful change.

-Master Marie Georgina

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Dr. Debra Taylor, DVM., RScP.

I have known Rev. Marie for over 8 years through Centers for Spiritual Living where I've had the opportunity to get to know her and her talents in depth. I've always found her to be a loving, caring, supportive human being who has a deep love for all beings on the planet.
She is an honorable and personable person with the knack of being able to connect with and relate to people of all backgrounds, socio-economic levels, educational levels and diverse racial/cultural identities. 


My ideal client is a spiritually awakened leader actively seeking support with their business, soul's mission, or personal awakening and healing journey.

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  • You are a powerful soul experiencing the human journey.

  • You embody leadership or are prepared to step into a leadership role.

  • You are in search of an accountability partner.

  • You are seeking spiritual guidance to navigate the human experience, be it in love, business, or finances.

  • You consciously work towards maintaining  a high vibrational energy.

  • You are ready to elevate to the next level of your earth experience.

  • Your heart and mind are open to new possibilities and growth.

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About Me

Master Marie Georgina

Spiritual Teacher

"When I was nine, my mother, a White Witch and Medicine Woman, initiated me into the world of Universal Life Force energy, healing, meditation, Metaphysics, psychology, visualization as well as holistic healing practices for humans and animals alike.


Over the years, I've honed my spiritual gifts through diverse experiences and teachings from traditions like Siddha, Sufism, Tantra, Science of Mind and Buddhism; now considering myself an Omniest.  I excel at creating a safe space for others to reconnect with their inner selves and its guidance and unique path.


I've overcome many karmic hardships, built businesses, enjoyed motherhood and embraced grandmotherhood. I am an intuitive artist, oracle card designer and luxury clothing creator for goddessess.


I'm here to listen and guide those seeking high-level spiritual teachings and support on their journey."


"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"

Stay in Touch


9450 SW Gemini Dr PMB 31356

Beaverton, Oregon 97008-7105 US

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