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Auric Energy Clearing & Alignment

Auric Energy Clearing & Alignment

Ignite your life by removing old energies in this uplifting energy healing session.


A person with balanced chakras projects a vibrant aura that reaches out several feet. However, those harboring negative energy tend to have clouded auras, making it hard to move ahead constructively or realize their higher purpose. 


This private Zoom video session cleanses heavy, negative energy from your aura, body, and mind. It realigns your chakras and activates your golden ray consciousness so you resonate at a higher frequency, aligning with elevated timelines and dimensions.


FAQ: Does distance healing & clearings work? YES.

Distance energy healings are every bit as effective as ones done in person! Energy transference can be accomplished from anywhere. The success rate grows by the openness and the belief of healing within the participants.


    • This is an energy healing session of 33 minutes, not a conversational coaching or counseling session.
    • You will be contacted by email to set up your desired appointment time and with full instructions for your private session.
    • Session begins & ends exactly as scheduled, no exceptions.
    • Please cancel 24 hours in advance and re-schedule by emailing: - no refunds unless emergency with proof.
    • Please be dressed comfortably, in a very private setting without any distractions either sitting up or laying down.
    • Those with an open heart and mind receive the best results. 

    No refunds. Energy healing sessions are not a guarantee of outcomes due to your free will; however every person that has experienced such a session has been transformed.  Any channeled messages are not a substitute for medical nor psychological advice, please seek experts in those areas if needed.


    A private Zoom session for purchaser.

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$159.80every 3 months for 12 months
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