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Psychic Mediumship - Spirit Written Messages

Psychic Mediumship - Spirit Written Messages

Get ready to receive channeled psychic messages with our Spirit Writing service. Through the psychic ability of automatic writing, Marie can connect with the higher self, spirits, ancestors, and more to produce written messages without conscious effort.


Marie has honed her automatic writing abilities over many years, and she is able to connect with higher vibrations and receive messages from the other side. The channeled psychic messages she receives are deeply personal and can offer insight and guidance on a range of topics, from relationships and career to spiritual growth and life purpose. If you are seeking direct, unfiltered communication from the spiritual world, Marie's Spirit Writing service is the perfect option for you.


Order now and see what divine messages await you.


    This reading does not use any cards, allowing for a direct channeling of messages from the spiritual realm. Experience the power of spirit writing to gain insights and guidance from beyond the physical world. The length of document varies, however is usually several type-written pages of 1000+/- words.


    No refunds. Psychic readings are for enterainment purposes only and guarantee of outcomes cannot be guaranteed due to free will. Much clear guidance, love and integrity is included in each personalized reading for the purchaser. Messages are not medical nor psychological advice, please seek experts in those areas if needed.


    Each personalized reading is channeled (typed) into a Word document and emailed to the purchaser when completed.  The email will include any additional information she feels may be pertinent to your situation.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Written Readings
Monthy Subscription
$52.80every month for 4 months
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