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Divine Love Oracle Deck

Divine Love Oracle Deck

SKU: 364215375135191

The 54 card Divine Love Oracle Deck awakens the heart and inspires the soul, touching all those around with its graceful messages. 


Each oracle card has been channeled by Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Medium and Twin Flame Gatekeeper for Union, Master Marie Georgina, a true visionary whose art embodies the essence of the human experience. She works with high vibrational energies and translates them into images.


The cover art is infused with energetic activations to guide you on your inner union journey. 


Designed to be used with your intuitive guidance or alongside other oracle and tarot decks, these cards have no guidebook. 


To begin, set an intention, shuffle the cards, and pull as many as you feel guided to receive the messages Spirit has for you. 


Thank you for supporting this deck - may it bring you many blessings!



The High Vibrational Oracle Card decks feature spiritually channeled oracle messages and original artwork to uplift consciousness. 


Created by Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Medium Marie Georgina, a visionary who channels high vibrational energies into empowering imagery, each card contains insights to illuminate one's inner journey toward harmony and union.

Infusing the cover art with energetic activations, she designed the decks to guide users to elevated states.


    Oracle Cards Size: 2.75"×4.75" (70×120mm)

    Quantity: 54 cards)

    Card stock: Standard Smooth

    Packaging: Purple Velvet Bag

    Worldwide shipping INCLUDED directly from our U.S. factory.

    The divine love oracles provide guidance to help you connect more deeply with your higher power and as a tool to learn to trust your own intuition.


    If you do not wish to keep the high vibrational oracle card deck, please do not return it to the factory. Instead, email for assistance.


    Worldwide shipping is available directly from our factory in the United States. Production lead time is 3 days. Standard delivery takes 5-7 business days. Most oracle card orders are received within 14 business days.

    While we make every effort to deliver your order on time, estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed. Delivery time depends on third-party carriers, which we cannot control. Most orders arrive between the estimated dates. We are not responsible for delays outside our control, such as customs clearance or payment approval issues. If we cannot deliver your order after failed delivery attempts, we cannot offer a replacement or refund. In that case, please place a new order. To ensure successful delivery, please provide accurate contact information and availability at the delivery address during the expected timeframe. Please promptly notify our customer service team of any changes or concerns regarding your delivery.

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