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Energy Healing for Wellness

Energy Healing for Wellness

Our body often expresses emotional wounds physically and mentally as pain, revealing issues needing emotional examination.


In particular, inner child work can uncover core wounds through compassionate communication. Marie's distance energy healings and clearings, conducted with your spirit guides, inner child, and past life entities via the Akashic records, can help you progress to a higher timeline of health and happiness.


Her remote sessions are as effective as in-person. She is both an initiated Reiki Master and natural-born Healer.


Healing succeeds through openness and belief in the process.


    • 60 minute private Zoom video session
    • Begins with 15 minutes of counsel for your specific issue whether physical ailments, mental, or emotional pains that are showing up as block or dis-ease in your life.
    • You will be contacted by email to set up your desired appointment time and with full instructions for your private session.
    • Session begins & ends exactly as scheduled, no exceptions.
    • Please cancel 24 hours in advance and re-schedule by emailing: - no refunds unless emergency with proof.
    • Please be dressed comfortably, in a very private setting without any distractions either sitting up or laying down.
    • Those with an open heart and mind receive the best results. 

    No refunds. Energy healing sessions are not a guarantee of outcomes due to your free will; however every person that has experienced such a session has been transformed.  Any channeled messages are not a substitute for medical nor psychological advice, please seek experts in those areas if needed.


    A private Zoom session for purchaser.

Price Options
One-time purchase
Quarterly Healings
Subscribe & save 15%
$244.80every 3 months for 12 months
Monthly Healings
Subscribe & Save 25%
$216.00every month for 12 months
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