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Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck

Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck

SKU: 162403781166

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Deck seeks to awaken the inner Goddess in all people, inspiring and guiding the soul on its sacred journey.


Created by Master Marie Georgina, the cover art radiates with energetic activations that connect users to divine wisdom. As the Oracle, my purpose is to illuminate the light within you, guiding your exploration of the rich inner world we each possess while honoring your lived experience. Together, we can uncover the power of spirituality to reveal the full path you were born to walk.


Designed for intuitive guidance, these cards have no guidebook and can be used alongside other oracle and tarot decks.


To begin, set an intention, shuffle the cards, and draw as many as you feel guided to receive the messages Spirit wishes to share.


Thank you for supporting this little deck - may it bring you many blessings!



    Custom Square 2.5 inch Game Cards Playing Cards
    Size 2.5"×2.5" (63.5×63.5mm) (60 cards)

    Card stock: (S30) Standard Smooth UPGRADE

    Card finishing: MPC game card finish CHANGE

    Packaging: Plain white tuck box

    With Shrink-wrapped


    If you do not wish to keep the high vibrational oracle card deck, please do not return it to the factory. Instead, email for assistance.


    Worldwide shipping is available directly from our factory in the United States. Production lead time is 8 days. Standard delivery takes an additional 5-7 business days. Most oracle card orders are received within 14 business days.

    While we make every effort to deliver your order on time, estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed. Delivery time depends on third-party carriers, which we cannot control. Most orders arrive between the estimated dates. We are not responsible for delays outside our control, such as customs clearance or payment approval issues. If we cannot deliver your order after failed delivery attempts, we cannot offer a replacement or refund. In that case, please place a new order. To ensure successful delivery, please provide accurate contact information and availability at the delivery address during the expected timeframe. Please promptly notify our customer service team of any changes or concerns regarding your delivery.

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